Based next to the ruins of Waverley Abbey, the home of the first Cistercian monastery in England, we hope to honour and re-awaken the faithful call to Prayer, Mission and Justice that was first outworked in this place by the small group of monks who came here in 1128.

The Prayer Room at Waverley Abbey House is a space ‘set aside’ for people to come away and encounter Jesus, for themselves and for others.

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Georgian house, the Prayer Room is available to use for those living in the nearby area, for students and teachers who are a part of Waverley Abbey College, and for pilgrims visiting the house as a place of retreat.


Within it, you will find various prayer “Stations”, arranged to help people engage creatively and meditatively with Jesus. There are also comfy seats and cosy corners for those who simply desire space and quiet.

Our hope is that as people ‘take time away’ with God in this space, faith will be deepened, and worship and intercession will flow upwards and outwards as we pray together with one heart and mind, “Thy Kingdom Come”!

Hope to see you there!

It is possible to book the room in one hour slots between Monday and Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, for use by groups or for private prayer.

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